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1. Idea and technology will decide the success of business in modern society

Now is information and technology age and new products come everyday by new development. And this product becomes old style in shorter time also rather than previous time. It is by the development of hardware and software with creative idea. This development brings new demands in the fields of manufacturing, service and home as well as telecommunication and electronics in large scale. The lack of such an idea or technology will make the company behind the times.

2. Our technology will make it possible

The technology of our company commencement members is unique. Our technology has contributed the enhancement of the productivity and save of the production cost at the Posco, its Kwangyang steel mill and Fabric maker Vivian as well as Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Korea District Heating Corporation and many other public and private companies in Korea. Most of their requirements were high level technologies which our team only can give solutions.

3. We are living in GPS satellite information era

We have aimed the distribution to the economy through this GPS technology by our development team who has accumulated the related hardware and software development knowhow and performances so far. We have developed the street light controller, artificial intelligence type, on/off of which is operated by GPS and got patent in Korea and applied for international PCT (patent cooperation treaty). 
This controller makes the on/off of street light exactly and easily. It receives the exact location informaton of the light from the satellites and calculate the sunrise, sunset time and gets the time information from atomic watch of the satellite and operates on/off function on time. It can be applied to the street light, security light in behind lane or in a small park, advertisement board lightening and aviation warning lightening. And this will save cost needed for the installation and manpower which were needed in the previous way. 
Our product guarantees the on time automatic on/off control of lightening regardless of region such as country side, hill side, mountain area, beach, island and regardless of season, weather, leap year. As there is no need to regulate or adjust the setting to cover the time difference, this system doesn't need light management team. The light industry is vast and we will be one of the leading companies to renovate the related industry.
Our company will do our best continuously under the slogan of "new idea, new technology" to contribute to our customers world-wide.

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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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