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      2002.02    Company established. 
      2002.03    The BANDI GPS has appeared.
                      Patent and utility model applied for "street light controller, on/off of which is operated by GPS
      2004.12     Patented No.0461047
      2005.03     Applied PCT 
      2005.04     Established and work off of the "SAT-LAMP" Security Light & Street Light Controller 
                       to over 80 local self on nationwide. 
      2005.07     Export to the Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia etc. 
      2005.12     Export to the Mexico and South Africa.
                       We won the Gold prize at the 2005 KINPEX.
                       We designated this item was purchasing top priority from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
      2006.01     Pilot SAT-LAMP street light controllers were installed in the City hall of Dubai, Spain & Saudi.
                       We contracted to the SAT-LAMP "Security Light" with the GUMI ASI Electrial in Malaysia. 
      2006.06     * Change name from the BANDI GPS to SAT LAMP
                       * We make a license contract with the India, Venezuela, Colombia.
      2006.12     * ISO9001
                       * We make a license contract with Uruguay & Paraguay.
      2007.01     The patent is registered - PATENT No. 10-0679689 
      2007.02     Increased the asset to U$560,000 
      2007.03     Acquired "K" mark (Korea Testing Laboratory by performance) 
      2007.04     Listed a INNO-BIZ (Innovation Business) on Small and Medium Business Administration. 
      2007.05     * Registered on MAS (Multi Vendor Availability Service) of the Supply Administration
                       * Launched new product - Sign board / Industrial / General (Switch type / LCD type / Standard)

      2012.07    Opened a branch in Thailand

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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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